HMR Supplies announces receives patent for remote controlled load transport system.

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HMR Supplies Inc. announces the receipt of a patent by the U.S. Patent Office that covers the remote controlled load transport system used for tree transporting and planting during the construction of the 911 memorial in New York City. 

The patent for invention number 8733479 B2 covers the design for a remote controlled load transport system.  This is the first patent issued to HMR Supplies Inc.

Holland Moving & Rigging Supplies or HMR Supplies was approached about designing a custom piece of equipment to transport trees weighing up to 10 Tons. The customer was looking for a solution to planting the Swamp White Oak trees on the elevated 9/11 Memorial plaza.  

HMR Supplies designed the Straddle Mover (remote controlled load transport system) to meet the special needs of planting trees on the 9/11 Memorial plaza. It was important for the equipment to be able to carry the tree in the center of all the axles, be capable of traversing sideways and able to negotiate openings on the surface of the plaza.  There are also up to 8 stories underneath the plaza for access, equipment and a museum requiring low ground pressure and a wider tire base.

When you see the Straddle Mover up close, on the 9/11 Memorial webcam or on YouTube, it is an impressive site.  The knuckle suspension is able to lift and lower the frame and load up to 20 inches.  The block and cable system is capable of lowering the load below ground level, and 135 degrees of steering allows the Straddle Mover negotiate the tight quarters on the plaza.  A single operator and a remote control operate the straddle mover.

Although the Straddle Mover was originally designed for moving trees, it can also be used for bridge deck replacement.  An easier method of upgrading the bridge decking will reduce the down time for bridge repair. 

Located in Forest City, IA, HMR Supplies has been a manufacturer of the Holland Dollie® for 30 years.  HMR Supplies offers custom design/build solutions for the heavy transport industry.  The ability to quickly design engineer and manufacture in-house has led to the growth of this Iowa business.  The dual lane transporter, a lighter weight 40 Ton capacity Holland Dollie®, and boom dolly are the newest product offerings from HMR Supplies.  HMR Supplies provides equipment for the oil, gas, wind, marine, heavy transport, structural moving and large product industries. For more information see our website at


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