HMR Supplies offers new product Holland Maxer

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a photo of an upper works trailer that carries a crane.

HMR Supplies offers new product, the Holland Maxer


HMR Supplies is best known for the manufacturing the Holland Dollie®, the industry standard dolly in the structural moving industry for over 30 years. Several months of engineering and fabrication work by HMR Supplies’ skilled manufacturing technicians have resulted in another innovative product for transporting heavy equipment. The new Holland Maxer trailer is designed to haul crawler cranes faster with less expense.

“This is an innovative design that offers an efficient manner to transport crawler cranes, decreasing crane set-up and tear-down times” said Paul Oulman, director of manufacturing for HMR Supplies. “We specialize in designing and fabricating products like the Holland Maxer trailer that improve profitability and are practical.”

According to Chris Holland, president of HMR Supplies, the Holland Maxer was designed as acustom order that required removing extra weight from a pre-existing trailer frame and fitting it with more axles, equipment and storage options.

The Holland Maxer trailer:

Features & Benefits
    •    Four or five axle configurations
          -This creates the ability to meet tighter road restrictions
          -Use a three or four axle tractor to pull
    •    Optional sixth and seventh axle configurations for extreme axle requirements
    •    Caster axles with locks
          -Improved maneuverability
          -Increased tire life
    •    Lift axles for
          -Maximum onsite maneuverability by raising axles to shorten the turning radius
          -Easier maneuvering for narrow driveways or access roads
          -Saving money, fuel economy, and tire wear by lifting unused axles while empty traveling down the road
    •    Larger ground clearance than lowboys – prevents trailers from "getting hung up" while maneuvering
    •    Stable suspension for high center of gravity load
    •    Heavy duty 25,000 lbs. axles and suspension
    •    High strength alloy chains and hooks for tying down – fewer chains means less time wasted securing and un-securing loads
    •    Built-in pull out access steps

    •    Power tower with limited tilting fifth wheel plate for rough sites requiring more clearance and oscillation
    •    Manual tower with limited tilting fifth wheel plate to adjust for different truck heights and giving more clearance on rough sites
    •    Air scales for axle weights
    •    Storage boxes for remotes, rigging, and other crawler setup items
    •    Storage locations for outrigger floats for self assembling crawlers

Call today, 641-585-3630 for an estimate on a HOLLAND MAXERTM trailer! 

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