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Air Dolly

Air Dolly


• Clear guard rails, mailboxes in your path while fully loaded • Travel at road speeds
• Duplicate use as a beam cart
When using the Air Holland Dollie®, there is no need for a hydraulic pump. Simply run the dolly off of your truck’s air system. Air Holland Dollies have the greatest amount of stroke in the industry with 15.5 inches at the full 20 ton capacity. The higher stroke capability allows you to raise the load over obstacles such as guard rails or mailboxes that may be in your path.

Air Holland Dollies will keep you moving and can be run in reverse without rotating the dolly.

The axle locking system makes the Air Holland Dollies more versatile and easier to position under the load. The axle locking mechanism is stronger than other axle locking systems in the industry. When the axle is locked, the dolly can be used as a beam cart for hauling the beams for your project.

Features & Specifications
• 20 ton rating
• 15.5 in. Air Stroke
• Load height 22 inches
• Heavy duty 3/4 inch wall axles
• Brakes on both axles
• Brake relay valve
• Ground height 6 inches
• Axle Oscillation 6 inches up/down on both axles
• Upper and lower positive stops to prevent over-extension of air bags
• Convenient lifting loop
• Full lift capacity at full stroke • On board air tank
• Nylon wearpads
• Cam follower bearings
• Axle lock
• Accomodates 16” wide beam
• 22.5 or 17.5 tires available
• 3 position control valve, fill, exhaust & hold