110 Ton Modules

  • Obtain higher capacity with modular design
  • Reverse travel capability
  • Withstands arctic temperatures

The 110-Ton dolly module consists of two 55-Ton Holland Plate Dollies and a bolster beam with a steering tongue.  The Holland Dollies have a steerable front axle and a fully oscillating top plate located on top of the hydraulic cylinder that is centered in the body of the dolly.

The lead unit can be steered while the rear unit is locked in a solid position traveling backward. A second method of travel would be to pull the dollies from the front and also steer the rear unit.

Features & Specifications
  • Standard towing eye
  • Hydraulic hoses protected in body
  • Reinforced 3/4” wall, 54” track axles
  • 315/80R22.5 tires
  • 42.4” load height
  • Independent Steering
  • Holland pressure/tonnage gauge
  • Tire rollers/steering stops
  • Storage box on board
  • Caster steering
  • PTFE lined, steel backing sleeve bushing in front end
  • 5,000 psi maximum operating pressure
  • 7” bore, 16” stroke double acting hydraulic cylinder with attached oscillating top plate

Rear brakes (standard)
Front brakes (optional)
Power steering (optional)