Heavy Hauling

Heavy Hauling and Structural Moving

When it comes to serving the heavy hauling industry, HMR Supplies knows flexible, adaptable and customized equipment is critical. We have our roots in heavy hauling. When you work with us, you know you have partnered with a company that has extensive experience with moving huge, heavy objects from point A to point B, even when those points are hundreds of miles apart. Our ability and experience in customizing equipment and collaborating with customers to solve challenges has helped move everything from transformers to massive boulders.

Ingenuity and Capability for the Heavy Haul

Like no other industry we serve, the heavy hauling industry constantly offers new challenges. Because what is hauled and where it is hauled from and to are so variable, heavy hauling often calls on HMR Supplies equipment and expertise for assistance. Our highly customizable Holland Dollies often are the backbone of our solutions. We make dollies that can pivot in tight spaces, be self-propelled, free wheel or both. Above all, we make products that can be used as components in multiple hauling configurations, giving heavy haulers freedom to create safe, strong and secure support solutions for nearly any object being hauled over virtually any terrain.