Jumbo Dolly

  • Higher Capacity – 75 Ton off road
  • Power Steering and Caster Steering
  • Optional Crab Steering

A larger version of our popular standard Holland Dollie®, the Jumbo Dolly is rated at 75 ton and ready to take on the biggest jobs around.

Features & Specifications
  • 75 Ton Rating (off Road)
  • Fully Oscillating and steerable
  • Sixteen inch Double acting hydraulic cylinder with attached oscillating top plate
  • Convenient lifting loops
  • Dolly lifting /tie down tabs
  • Includes: hydraulic ball valve, relief valve, hoses and fittings
  • Solid 6 inch axles
  • Independent wheels on all axles
  • Double pinned telecoping tongue
  • Tire rollers/steering stops
  • Hydraulic pressure gauge