Submersible Transporters

HMR Supplies has an array of equipment that can handle all manner of huge, heavy, difficult equipment on a wide variety of terrain — even if the terrain is underwater. Our equipment has been handling ships of all sizes for years, whether carrying them through construction or maintenance facilities or helping to pull them out of the water. When a fishery in Alaska wanted a solution that would allow them to dry dock their fleet every year without traveling to a haul-out location in Seattle, HMR Supplies consulted on the design and developed submersible Holland Dollies.

Get More Efficient Use From All Your Equipment

HMR Supplies has helped customers become more efficient by providing the most cost-effective tool to accomplish heavy material handling tasks. Rather than have a backlog of projects waiting to use your larger self-propelled modular transporter (SPMTs), use a smaller 3 or 4 axle SPMT customized to your project needs. Our self-loading and un-loading transporters can be adapted to mesh with a variety of products with the lowest load-out height in the industry. HMR Supplies can develop a solution that will keep all of your projects moving.