Modular Transporter

  • Smooth driving in reverse
  • Increased maneuverability with upper and lower turntables
  • Transverse movement capabilities

We modified our SPMT to enable it to carry a large testing structure specified by our customer.

The knuckle suspension allows the modular transporters to move in the transverse directions. There is also an upper and lower turntable which allows the operator to easily navigate around corners. The suspension was designed to meet minimal overall height requirements, but still provide enough lift to allow the system to self-load and unload.

Movement with these units is more flexible. The ability to steer 20° in each direction can help traverse the structure sideways, forwards and backwards via remote controlled electronic steering.

The square-like design of the platforms provides a consistent, stable base to carry the load.


Features & Specifications
  • Suspension module minimum height 55 ¾”
  • 55 Ton Rating per Holland suspension module
  • 13 ½” of lift
  • Lower turntable
  • Upper turntable
  • Knuckle suspension
  • Steering is hydraulically controlled
  • Remote control operated (steering, lifting, reverse, and air brakes)