Platform Dolly

  • Reduce overhead transport risks and costs
  • Reduce facility costs
  • Increase maneuverability and flexibility
  • Reduce facility space requirements
  • Move large, heavy, awkward products both inside and outside facilities
  • Self-load and un-load without cranes

The Remote Controlled Powered Platform Dolly or RC PPD, is a custom SPMT that can be designed to mesh with a variety of product and facility needs.

The units have interchangeable saddles that are designed for each particular product. The wheels and axle configuration can also be customized for the specific indoor and outdoor conditions where the SPMT will be used.

Facility costs are reduced when using this custom SPMT to self-load and un-load both within the facility or for outdoor storage. Existing facilities will not need to upgrade their sidewall strength of overhead crane capability to accommodate heavier or bulkier products.

Movement within the facility is more flexible with the ability to traverse awkward products sideways, forwards and backwards via remote controlled electronic steering. The optional load tracking feature allows one operator to control the system by steering only the lead unit. The load tracking electronically controls the second unit.

Features & Specifications
  • 50 ton rating
  • 40 inch human working height
  • 30 inches total lift
  • 14 inches of lift in suspension
  • 16 inches of lift in cylinders
  • 135 degrees of steering
  • Electronic steering
  • Load tracking option
  • Interchangeable saddle
  • Remote Controlled
  • Self-Propelled with variety of Engine types