Power Holland Dollies

  • Handle larger loads with a smaller footprint
  • Walk along while controlling the transport system
  • Safest – Holding Valve Protection prevents run-away equipment
  • Easily change from hydraulically driven to a faster freewheel mode

Our power dollies now come in a variety of load and drive capacities to meet all your project needs.  Load capacities range from 40 to 55 Ton. Drive capacities range from 100 to 550 ton.

The mechanical freewheeling feature of our power dollies are unique and have a significant benefit when traveling over the road. The power dollies can be used on site in drive mode to move the load and then easily switched to freewheeling mode for faster travel on the road. Download the PDF for more information on Freewheeling Holland Power Dollies.

Our power dollies have a drive system capable of limited slip on the rear axle. This means that if one wheel is in slippery conditions, then the drive will engage the other wheel on the axle and continue forward movement of the dolly and load. The engagement of the limited slip is automatic. The point at which the limited slip activates can be adjusted by changing the orifice size on the drive. It is not necessary to set a switch. When the limited slip is not required, then the drive runs without engaging. The limited slip feature allows for easier steering than with posi-traction.

All Holland Power Dollies feature a safety holding valve that automatically closes if a drive hose breaks. This action takes place faster than the operator can react manually and prevents a run-away condition. The manifold also has a pressure relief valve on the case drain to protect the case seals of the hydraulic motor. The relief valve will prevent accidental case over pressurization and costly down time.

Features & Specifications
  • 40 – 55 Ton rating (off road)
  • 100-550 Ton drive capacity
  • Safety Holding Valve
  • Freewheeling at road speeds
  • Use with open or closed loop systems
  • Power steering
  • Fully oscillating and steerable
  • 16" double acting hydraulic cylinder with attached oscillating top plate
  • Standard towing eye
  • Convenient lifting loops
  • Dolly lifting/tie down tabs
  • Hydraulic hoses protected in body
  • Heavy duty 3/4 in. wall axles
  • Built in air chamber
  • Caster steering
  • Swift Tongue – 4 position tip-up telescopic tongue with evener pin and skid shoe
  • Tire rollers/steering stops
  • Holland Pressure/Tonnage gauge

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