Pump Cart

  • Crab Steering
  • Both Axles Steered with One Tongue
  • Control Tongues on Both Front and Rear

The pump cart is a 50 ton capacity cart with articulating steering. The axles each have approximately 22 degrees of steering. Steering is controlled by pulling the tongue to the right or left. There is a tongue on each end of the cart so that the load can be pulled and steered in either direction. When steering, a hydraulic cylinder is activated and the axle at the opposing end of the cart will turn as well. Both axles can be turned by steering only one tongue.

If needed a small 24 volt hydraulic pump can be used to put the cart into a crab steer mode. When done utilizing the crab steering, the pump can be used to time the axles and pressurize the hydraulic system.

Features & Specifications
  • 50 Ton capacity
  • Power Steering all wheels
  • Crab steers
  • Hydraulically driven