Rental Equipment

HMR Supplies offers several Holland Dollie® models for nation-wide rental for structural moving projects.

HMR Supplies offers nation-wide rental equipment for the structural moving projects.  We rent several models of Holland Dollies:
                        Coaster dolly

                        Air dolly
                        Power dolly
                        Holland power units 

Many customers who already own Holland Dollies have rented dollies to add more axles to their project or to be able to use Holland Power Dollies for a heavy load or abnormal size transport project without having to purchase them.

The heavy transport industry rents Holland Dollies to use in with their current trailer systems.  They are an affordable way to meet axle requirements without buying a larger trailer.

Custom saddles and bolsters can be designed to go with your rental Holland Dollies for any over sized and awkward load.  Talk to our engineers about your specialized needs.

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