Stage Move

HMR Supplies recently completed a large project in Wyoming. The challenge was to move a 50' X 80', 200,000 LB stage 200 yards.  The customer needed the ability to move the stage into position between shows at the Cheyenne Frontier Days venue wintin 90 minutes.  HMR Supplies designed a system using custom Holland Dollies, to move the stage in 20 minutes. Another requirement from the customer specified that the power to move the stage be provided by a two tractors. 

To complete the project, HMR Supplies manufactured 6 dollies with a knuckle suspension. Each dollie weighed 10,000 LBS with a 56 inch wheel track, and eight 315/80R 22.4 20 ply tires. The knuckle suspension provided a lift of 18 inches and offered a 135 degree turning capability. The 100 hp. power unit featured a 30ft umbilical to the remote, 3 lifting zones, 2 steering zones, and 2 braking zones, and on board air compressor.  Steering and height were controlled by a hand held remote and were powered by a Holland Power Unit.  All dollies were elecontronically controlled and timed to move in tandem. 

The project highlighed the work that we do best, customizing the Holland Dollie product to meet the needs of the customer's project.  

A video of the project - 

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