Dual Lane Transporter

The dual lane transporter system is the answer for heavy haul loads over the roadways. Our engineers will custom design a solution for your company.

HMR Supplies, manufacturer of the Holland Dollie®, engineers and manufactures a dual lane transporter system.   
The answer for heavy haul loads over the roadways. 

•    Modules expand and contract, increasing hauling capacity.  The load can be spread across two lanes for
     hauling large loads.  It also allows for narrow width for efficient transportation with a small load or an empty 
•    Customizable interface.  The same modules can be used in multiple configurations such as mounting 
     them on suspension beams, drop deck, tub girders, and hauling vessels. 
•    Steering capabilities –  
            •    Hydraulic steering on the rear module offers precise steering for maneuvering in tight spaces and corners.
                 It also allows the rear module to steer while reversing. 
            •    Lockable steering on the front module for easier steering while reversing.
            •    Turntable on both modules allows the modules to turn quickly under a framework.
•    Hydraulic lifting and tilting to provide a level load for secure transport on sloping road grades.
HMR Supplies can custom manufacture a framework to fit your heavy haul requirements. 

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