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Our services

Holland Moving and Rigging Supplies (HMR Supplies) designs and manufactures high-capacity heavy material transport equipment - the Holland Dollie®, boom dollies, tag axles, custom transporters and SPMTs. We are committed to helping customers design and execute plans to handle and transport huge, heavy, difficult items safely and cost- effectively. HMR Supplies also offers structural moving supplies and a dolly rental fleet.

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HMR Supplies manufactures the industry leading Holland Dollie for 30 years. We manufacture over 25 products used to move heavy, awkward objects.

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Our products and custom designed customer solutions are what our highly qualified team does best at HMR Supplies.

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Holland Dollie®

New Holland Dollies manufactured on site and shipped directly to you . We so offer a Holland Dollie® fleet available for lease.

Past Projects

Creating Solutions. Solving Problems.

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Straddle Mover

Designed and manufactured by HMR Supplies to plant trees at the 911 memorial.

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Egloff Housemove

A historic house move with Holland Dollies and an engineered temporary bridge.

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Frontier Days Stage Move

Engineer and build knuckle dollies to create a movable stage.

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Yacht move

Using Powered Holland Dollies, our crew successfully moved a 215 ft long, 37ft wide, 56ft tall super yacht from fabrication facility to the launch site.