Straddle Mover

  • Knuckle suspension lifts frame
  • Transvers, forward and reverse steering
  • Maneuvers in tight spaces and over openings
  • Lifting mechanism lowers load below ground
  • Self-propelled and remote controlled

The Straddle Mover was designed for placing 10 Ton trees into the 911 Memorial in New York City. This design can be adapted to a variety of large product industries such as bridge deck replacement.

HMR Supplies designed the Straddle Mover to meet the special needs of planting trees on the 9/11 Memorial plaza. It was important for the equipment to be able to carry the tree in the center of all the axles, be capable of traversing sideways and able to negotiate openings on the surface of the plaza. There are also up to 8 stories underneath the plaza for access, equipment and a museum requiring low ground pressure and a wider tire base.

The Straddle Mover has a knuckle suspension that can raise and lower the load that is supported in the center. The knuckle suspension allows steering in the transverse, forward and reverse directions. The Straddle Mover is capable of maneuvering in a 10ft by 10ft wide aisle while fully loaded. With an attached power unit, the Straddle Mover is an agile and versatile remote controlled piece of equipment.

Features & Specifications
  • 10 Ton capacity
  • Knuckle Suspension lifts 20 inches
  • Maneuvers fully loaded in 10ft x 10ft aisle
  • Remote controlled
  • Self-propelled