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Yacht Move

Yacht Move

HMR Supplies and sister companies Atlas Enterprises, a structural moving company, and CR Holland Crane Service worked together to complete a large yacht move in 2013. The superyacht was the heaviest object HMR Supplies employees have transported since it was founded as Ron Holland Housemoving in the early 70s.  At 215-foot long, the 480-ton structure was equipped with a swimming pool on deck that doubled as a helicopter pad when the pool cover closed over the top.

“It’s not the largest thing I have ever driven,” said Chris Holland, president of HMR Supplies and Atlas Enterprises.  “The company also needed the skilled engineering and professional experience of the Atlas team to get the superyacht, which is long enough and heavy enough to be classified as an ocean liner, to the body of water it uses for its sea trails. Due to the size of the superyacht, there was very little room in the fabrication facility for placement of trailers under the yacht.

“The small footprint of our modular Holland Dollies made the move possible,” said Holland.

The move began with two full days of preparation that included completing the bolster and cradle system that had been engineered and fabricated by HMR Supplies.  Once the yacht was securely nestled into the bolster system, the dollies that ultimately carried the superyacht onto the barge were put into position. The move ended after an 8-hour session that required the removal of the doorway header within the fabrication facility due to only three inches of clearance for height and navigation of a 90-degree turn in tight quarters.

“It was highly satisfying to see it all work smoothly,” said Holland. “Several times the margin of error was as low as two inches. I’m incredibly proud of our team,” he said.

Project equipment included 12 Coaster Holland Dollies, 4 Powered Holland Dollies and 2 power units. No push or pull truck was used to move the yacht. Holland said two power dollies placed in front propelled the superyacht out of the fabrication building and through the city streets. To reach the launch area, the structure had to navigate an extremely tight fit between a building and a fence just before making the 90-degree turn.

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