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New Product – Holland Maxer

HOLLAND MAXERTM Trailer for Crawler Cranes
The Holland MaxerTM trailer is the solution to haul your crawlers faster and for less expense. Time is money and you will be down the road faster and easier with the Holland MaxerTM.

Features & Benefits

  • Four or five axle configurations
    • This creates the ability to meet tighter road restrictions
    • Use a three or four axle tractor to pull
  • Optional sixth and seventh axle configurations for extreme axle requirements
  • Caster axles with locks
    • Improved maneuverability
    • Increased tire life
  • Lift axles for
    • Maximum onsite maneuverability by raising axles to shorten the turning radius
    • Allows easier maneuvering for narrow driveways or access roads
    • Saving money, fuel economy, and tire wear by lifting unused axles while empty traveling down the road
  • Larger ground clearance than lowboys – this prevents trailers “getting hung up” while maneuvering
  • Stable suspension for high center of gravity load
  • Heavy duty 25,000 lbs. axles and suspension
  • High strength alloy chains and hooks for tying down – less chains means less time wasted securing and un-securing loads
  • Built in pull out access steps


  • Optional power tower with limited tilting fifth wheel plate for rough sites requiring more clearance and oscillation
  • Optional manual tower with limited tilting fifth wheel plate to adjust for different truck heights and giving more clearance on rough sites
  • Air scales for axle weights
  • Storage boxes for remotes, rigging, and other crawler setup items
  • Storage locations for outrigger floats for self assembling crawlers

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Product Highlight – Knuckle Dolly


Holland Moving and Rigging Supplies has been manufacturing some of the toughest and most durable structural moving dollies in the industry since the early eighties. Decades of experience has allowed us to engineer new designs for specific heavy transportation needs. We now offer over 15 dolly variations and continue to create custom dolly solutions for projects everyday. 

In the photo below we have customized a knuckle dolly for a heavy haul solution that allows the wheels to move in any direction and the load is capable of being raised and lowered. See more custom knuckle dolly systems below. 

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A Project for NASA

Our team has designed and manufactured custom solutions for several large-scale projects: the 911 Memorial tree planting system, the launch of a 215 ft long super yacht, and adding mobility to one of the largest mobile stages in North America. 

Our most recent project required HMR Supplies to mobilize an engine section for transport of NASA’s new rocket. Four 55T Holland Dollies and a Holland power unit were used to safely transport the engine. The engine section was loaded onto a barge at the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans then traveled 1,240 miles by river to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. 





The size of this engine section is huge, check out the image provided by NASA. Read more about the NASA Project here. 

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HMR Supplies receives Award for Most Innovative Move

On behalf of HMR Supplies, Liz Thompson and Paul Oulman accept the award for Most Innovative Move from the Midstates Housemovers Association. Our work with the Cheyenne Frontier Days Stage was the award winning project. This project featured the Holland knuckle dolly.  See the video below.